Guy Greenblatt
Where do you operate from? Cape Town
When did your business start? 2018
Name of owner Guy Greenblat
Tell us a bit about where you come from, where you were educated … I come from JHB but took a long unplanned route to Cape Town via London and a year in France in Nantes. I was/am a computer programmer but am in the final phase of transitioning to full-time Outcast. I have a degree I do not use, but more importantly I love learning new things and always have a number of things I am working on in between being active in nature.
Why did you choose this business? It chose me. After trying to start a number of businesses I ended up doing what I love: creating incredibly tasty, healthy, plant-based food. I had been making my own plant-based lunches that I took to work everyday, usually falafel. People started asking for the recipes and when I asked how it went they would say it is too complicated or time-consuming. A few asked if I could make it for them. Over a holiday, I thought to myself, what if I can make a falafel mix that is as healthy and tasty as the fresh ones? I started experimenting over the holidays and arrived back to work with some samples. People loved them!
Any special skills/talents in this area? Yes. I grew up with a mom who was a raw, plant-based advocate. I have a lifetime of plant-based experience from a time when there were very few resources and everything was learned through experimentation. I still love experimenting and perfecting things.
What’s the best part of your working day? Seeing the people I work with happy and loving what they do. And seeing on social media people sharing the creations they make using our range. Especially if they are new to a plant-based lifestyle and learning.
And the worst? When we have a batch fail and we realise something in our perfect process has gone wrong. Then the real work begins to understand how it went wrong. This usually ends up being a positive experience as we work together as a team and come out stronger.
Of all the brands out there, which one is your favourite? Why? Utopia Foods. They make the best nut cheeses and yogurts that taste incredible, with no compromise on ingredients, only real food. Interestingly the owner happens to be one of the humblest people I have met in the industry.
What inspires you? To love what I do every day.
Choose 3 keywords that best capture the essence of your brand. Unique, fun, healthy.
Any jaw-dropping mistakes and/or failures in life/business you’d like to confess to? The third line that we launched was a pancake mix. It was a massive fail. It was too tricky to make. The pan temperature had to be just right; if it wasn’t, the pancakes were very difficult to flip. The taste was also not suitable for many people and we had an unexpected shelf life issue. We pulled the product 8 months after launch and replaced it with our current flapjack mix that is doing really well.
Any standing-ovation awards, achievements, successes you’d care to brag about? None yet. 2021 is going to be the year!