Claude van Staden. left, and Henk Pepler.
Company Le Bleu Health and Beauty (Pty) Ltd
Brand Le Bleu
Where do you operate from? Somerset West
When did your business start? 2014
Name of owner/s Claude van Staden and Henk Pepler
Tell us a bit about where you come from, where you were educated … Le Bleu Health and Beauty was founded by Claude in 2014. Claude trained as an Advanced Aromatherapist and clinical massage therapist and has been in the health, fitness and wellness industries for over 25 years.
His massage clients experienced first-hand the amazing healing effects of his essential oil blends and started asking if they could purchase the oil for friends and family. And out of this grew the Le Bleu range of natural health and beauty products.
Claude has a real passion for health and wellness and continues to develop new products and staying up to date on the latest research.
Henk came on board in 2017 and currently oversees the marketing and operations side of the business. He has a BA Communications degree with over 10 year’s experience in advertising and events. Together they also run a wellness studio called Somerset West Wellness and this is where Le Bleu is also based. The centre offers a host of health treatments and has become a true wellness sanctuary in the area.
Why did you choose this business? At the core of all we do is to make a positive change in people’s lives and things naturally progressed from treating clients to making products that are good for them as well as the earth.
Any special skills/talents in this area? Claude – Certified Advanced Aromatherpist, Neuromuscular (Clinical) Massage Therapist, Fitness Instructor Henk – BA Communications Degree
What’s the best part of your working day? Interacting with clients and and to see how they improve and grow
And the worst? Miscommunication – working with people this can so easily happen and cause major problems
Who or what has been your most important inspiration in life? Why? That you can truly achieve anything if you set your mind to it. As an entrepreneur you have to take chances and, even if they don’t always work out, to get up and try again until you succeed.
Choose 3 keywords that best capture the essence of your business/brand. Handcrafted with love Natural Ingredients Power of Essential Oils
Any awards, achievements, successes you’d care to brag about? In mid-2020 we acquired an essential oil distiller to produce  our very own range of essential oils, with a focus on Cape Fynbos and native plants. The Buchu (Agathosma Betulina) essential oil that can be found in our Buchu range was distilled by us.