Chrismarie Barnardt


Company Name The Kindbrush
Where do you operate from ? Cape Town
When did your business start? 2020
Name of owner Chrismarie Barnardt
Tell us a bit about where you come from, where you were educated … I grew up in the Free State. After school I went to the University of Pretoria and after that I moved to Stellenbosch. I worked as an Oral Hygienist for the past 14 years.
Why did you choose this business? I wanted to create a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic oral care products. At the same time I wanted people to motivate people to focus on preventative oral hygiene habits.
Any special skills/talents in this area? I only know about teeth and this entrepreneurial road is filled with a lot of unknown adventures and huge challenges. Everyday I try to figure it out as I go along.
What’s the best part of your working day? Having flexibility.
And the worst? Admin and financial stress.
Who or what has been your most important inspiration in life? The tenacious spirit of people, especially South Africans. I think life is hard and harder for some. The guy selling newspapers in the cold wet weather, the lady stand on the sidewalk selling flowers, people being creative and yet never giving up … that inspires me.
Choose 3 keywords that best capture the essence of your brand. Sustainable
Any standing-ovation awards, achievements, successes you’d care to brag about? Several magazines have featured The Kindbrush. I was extremely happy to see that.