Cheryl Lotter


Company/Brand Cherish Beauty
Where do you operate from ? Durban
When did your business start ? 2014
Name of owner Cheryl Lotter
Tell us a bit about about yourself and why you chose  this business … My drive to create an authentic natural skincare brand was borne from my personal health and skin challenges. I developed adult acne in my early twenties as part of a developing autoimmune condition (I didn’t know that at the time!). I ran from pillar to post trying to solve my skin issues. I was offered all manner of treatments and advice (yes, including antibiotics!).
Along my journey I met some wonderful people who were dedicated to a healthier way of life and I started travelling that same path too. As I also had digestive and food intolerance issues I decided to study to find out more and did a Diet & Nutrition Diploma. The knowledge I gained on this course was invaluable to me and showed me that you cannot treat one component of your health in isolation – my skin issues were intricately tied to my gut, digestion and intolerance issues.
Using my newly-gained knowledge I helped myself by tailor-making a healthy eating plan, as well as embarking on a gut cleansing routine. All this went a long way to helping my skin issues, but I still experienced breakouts and flares. I figured out that this was largely due to the actual skincare I was applying on my face daily! All those products touted as solutions were actually part of the problem! Here’s where I started my journey to natural skincare, trying to find products that didn’t include all the chemical nasties that are in conventional skincare– and boy, did I battle! As I learnt more about these toxic ingredients, I realised how difficult it was to avoid them entirely.
In desperation I started making my own skincare products and they were actually pretty amazing! My skin had never looked so good! I decided to study again to expand my knowledge in this pivotal field and did a Diploma in Natural Skincare. What a revelation! I was so in love with these natural products that I decided to launch my own part-time business making skincare. I moved this to a fulltime endeavour in 2016 and have never looked back!
I am a firm believer in treating the body as a whole, and not trying to just treat an isolated problem. If I had not changed my diet and lifestyle my skin would never have improved. Wholistic and natural is the way to go!
I know that my journey to natural skincare and healthy living will never end – I am still on a journey of discovery and I’ve been at it for years already! I am so excited to share my products with everyone!
Any special skills/talents in this area? I have a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation as well as a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition. Both of these have helped me immeasurably in the way I formulate and manufacture my products, and the ingredients I select for each and every one. Over and above this, I have extensive personal experience with severe skin issues, which I struggled with for many years. This experience has positioned me well to craft skincare solutions for problematic skin types and help people find their inner radiance.
What’s the best part of your working day? Definitely playing with formulations and coming up with new products!
And the worst? Admin, yeuch!
Of all the brands out there, which one is your favourite? Cherish Beauty, of course! Because it’s my brand I know exactly what’s going into it and know that I can trust that what’s on the bottle is what’s in the bottle.
Choose 3 keywords that best capture the essence of your business/brand. Authentic